Tina's Books

Unwrapping the Servant 

Teaching Kids to Serve Jesus and Others

Unwrapping the Servant is all about laying a foundation of servanthood in kids as their morals and beliefs are being formed. We want serving others to be a natural part of their mindset and lifestyle … that noticing needs and attempting to do something to address them becomes their “normal.”

Much of the book is ideas on how kids can serve—how they can get their hands dirty while serving the Lord. Think beyond making a card or singing at a nursing home once a year. Families, classrooms, clubs, homeschoolers, and grandparents can all benefit from these ideas on serving. Serving together is one of the most significant faith formation influencers!

Another portion of the book is devoted to a 6-week intensive program where everything is focused on serving others in the name of Jesus. Because it’s so concentrated and experiential, this program has had huge success in altering kids’ mindsets for a lifetime.

Holiday Extravaganza

Ideas for Connecting Christ to Holidays

Holiday Extravaganza highlights 15 holidays, most of which are not traditionally centered in the Word of God. Even holidays that find their roots outside of Christian beliefs can be redeemed! Jesus used the things of the world to convey His message, and we can follow His example by taking these celebrations and giving them a new focus.

April Fool’s Day can be a time to talk about Proverbs—what God considers wise and what He considers foolish. Earth Day becomes a time when we learn about bearing fruit in every season, and that God is the One to honor on this day. At Halloween teach your kids how God restores dry bones and gives them life! Included are multiple ways of connecting Scripture to 15 holidays.

Beakers, Bubbles & the Bible 2

Volume 1 was so popular, and Dr. Bunsenburner had so many new experiments to share, that there's now a Volume 2.  And, it's even better!  Seriously!  It contains 54 ... you heard me right, 54 ... NEW experiments that you can use to connect kids to scripture. Through guided instructions, observations, and discussion, these science experiments make great object lessons. Every age, from little ones to bald or grey, you'll be amazed and then connected to the Word of God. Each experiment has a photo or image that will give you the confidence you need to make it work. (And those cute kids in the pictures, are Dr. B's grand twins!)

Don't mess around. Get your copy today, $15 plus $4 S&H, by calling 765.271.7055.

Hiding the Word in My Heart
Fun ways to memorize Scriptures

This book is written in 3 major segments, and although intended for kids, there is absolutely no reason the same methods can't be used for any age group! The first segment describes 14 keys to memorization. The send segment is a host of fun, energizing games and activities that will decrease the tediousness of scripture memorization. These fall in four categories, which are each critical to memorizing: repeat, relate, recall, and review. The third category contains the lesson plans for a 6-week intensive program of memorizing large portions of scripture, a task which children in early elementary are fully capable.

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Fun Family Devotions - New Testament
52 Interactive Devotions from the New Testament

We've taken 52 of the New Testament stories, as told in Egermeier's Bible Story Book, and provided a 3-part devotion for each. There is a short piece for parents that will give them a little more in-depth background concerning the story, and then pose a few parenting/family questions. There's a family activity to do together if you have preschoolers in your family. And, then, there's a family activity that you can do together if you have elementary-age kids. 

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Fun Family Devotions - Old Testament 
52 Interactive Devotions from the Old Testament

See the description above for the New Testament volume.

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Egermeier's Bible Story Book

This is NOT a book that Tina wrote, but one that she uses all the time and HIGHLY recommends to anyone and everyone who teaches God's Word to kids. This book contains over 320 Bible stories and is the resource you need to more effectively tell them to children. It's also excellent to use with a new believers' class or parents' class. It's biblical sound and has the stamp of approval cross-denominationally. Every worker needs one of these!
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Secret Weapon
75 Ways to Pray with Kids (and any other age)

70+ ways to pray with kids, plus some of Tina's personal journal entries. It's time we really helped kids understand that prayer is more than a rhyme or something we hurry through at the end of a lesson. Each of these prayer activities will help kids identify where they are spiritually and pray from that point. Although it was written with elementary-age in mind, we've found that these activities work for 2 years old through 102. Everyone needs to shake up their prayer life a bit!


This book provides you with at least three activities for 22 different stories that happen between Jesus entering Jerusalem and His ascension (and that's not all the stories that actually occur). This last week of Jesus' life is jam-packed with so many incredible stories, and we cram it all into a 2-week observation and celebration. Easter deserves more. Jesus chose what He would include in this last week on Earth ... His final orders ... "let Me say it one more time." This is when He cursed the fig tree, was anointed by a woman, gave the most important commandment, made a statement about paying taxes to Caesar, and gave us the parable of the marriage feast. Let's teach Easter a little more intentionally and stop putting Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the preparation for the Passover, footwashing, communion, Judas' betrayal, and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane in one lesson. Your kids will have an Easter-rific time when you teach them each part!

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Building Children’s Ministry

Learn step- by-step how to start or revitalize the children’s ministry at your church. Want to make it happen? Tina helps you get it going. Building Children’s Ministry is where the dreams you have for children’s ministry can begin to take form and then prosper. It's a great resource that covers every necessary topic for developing an effective children’s ministry, including:
~ Gaining support from your pastor and congregation
~ Budgeting and fundraising
~ Discipline and appropriate policies
~ Choosing and evaluating curriculum
~ Creating publicity

"Where was this book when I started in ministry?   Tina Houser has stepped up to the plate and knocked it over the fence with this book.  The topics are some of the most practical I've seen.  Thanks Tina for providing practical help for today's children's ministry leader!"  Jim Wideman - Jim Wideman Ministries

Available at tinahouser.netthomasnelson.com and in both print and Kindle at amazon.com.


Going Live in 3…2..1 
Creative Stortytelling Techniques

You won’t want to miss Tina’s newest book. Learn how to incorporate 22different techniques to tell Bible stories (or any other stories). You'll be amazed how attentive, engaged, and excited your kids will be about the story when you present it in one of these creative ways.
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          More Than Cookies and Punch

Make refreshment time a teaching time by serving or having the children make delicious edibles that help them learn a Bible story.

This creative book will help you turn snack time into teaching time with simple easy-to-make recipes, Bible stories and discussion questions. For example, kids will enjoy making tasty treats like the Pizza Snake while they learn about Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:8-3:24. Whether you use this book as part of Sunday school or home school lesson or as a guide for your family devotional time, kids will have fun, learn about the Bible and look forward to next week’s snacktivity!
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Beakers, Bubbles and the Bible

By using scientific experiments to teach Bible stories, you'll totally capture kids' attention and help them remember what you've taught.

Children love to watch surprises unfold before their eyes. These experiments bring surprise and a Bible lesson together in a fun way that teaches kids how to live godly lives.
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It's Not Junk, It's Resources

Learn to use everyday items, even discarded items to help you teach creatively.Don’t let a lack of resources due to low finances or little vision for children’s ministry get in the way of your dream for a great work. Have you ever seen a child leave an expensive toy sitting idle while she enjoyed playing with the box it came in?  Tina shows you how to do fun and effective ministry using things others might call junk.

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God's Campground

Five fun lessons about stewardship that use a camping motif. Your kids will “go camping” (indoors or outdoors) to explore how to make the best use of their decisions, natural resources, time, money, and personal skills. Great to go along with your capital funds campaign. Low on budget? Churches are using this for their VBS curriculum.

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