Monday, July 13, 2015

Unwrapping a Servant

Compassion is sympathy (sorry this happened to you and that you’re going through this) and empathy (being sensitive to the feelings of others) together, with action thrown in.
Compassion is:
Recognizing a need …
being touched by it …
and taking a step to help.

Don’t Wait! Since the brain is developing faster in the 3-year period of 3-4-5 years of age, then we need to be teaching about compassion at a young age, rather than waiting until the teenage years or adulthood.

Once kids grasp what compassion means and they have regular opportunities to exercise it, it becomes the foundation for what is the “normal” and “right” thing to do.

Kids DO NOT see needs around them. They really don’t! Their world is about them, but let’s not put blame on them by saying they’re selfish and self-centered. Parents and teachers have made it that way. Most families are kid-centered. Restaurants, vacations, and TV programs are chosen because of what the child desires.

Zechariah 4:10 tells us that the Lord rejoices when we begin. He rejoices when our empathy and sympathy become compassion that does something about the needs. Stop talking about it and nodding your head that it’s a good idea, and start changing the mindset … the heart throb … the worldview … of the kids you have influence over. Lay the foundation for a servant’s heart that will become a cornerstone of their faith development. Unwrap the servant that God has within each child. It’s a beautiful present to unwrap!

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