Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Think About It ... or Talk About It

I often have times when God puts a phrase in my head and it becomes a banner over everything I do and think for a month or so. (Tell me, please, that you have that happen, also.) Right now, the presence of “Are you going to think about it or are you going to talk about it?” is the whisper I’m hearing all the time. As a Christian of many years (that’s a nicer way of saying “old”), it’s really easy to keep my praise silent—to smile on the inside when I notice God’s hand at work. It’s comfortable to think about the scriptures I’m memorizing and let them soak into my thoughts. It seems that I pray over almost everything in my day, but that’s just between me and God.

As I watch Bowen and Kendall, now 4 years old, I’ve had a revelation. They can’t read my mind! They don’t know what I am silently praising God for. They’re not aware that I’m memorizing scripture just like they do. They are not witness to me reading my Bible, because I do it in private. So, how are they supposed to know how important the Lord is in my life if I don’t talk about it? How are they supposed to know how passionate I am about living each moment in step with His Word if it’s a private party? I don’t think I should assume that they’re just going to “get it” because I’m thinking it.

So, I’ve made a little resolution that I’m going to say a lot more of what I’m thinking when it comes to my adventure with the Lord. I’m going to try to use a simple short sentence to point out the God moments as they happen and speak the prayers that my heart is voicing. An old habit needs to be broken and a new discipline needs to be established. I believe the children in my life will benefit from my talking rather than me just thinking. I believe it will help them sense that God really is present in every part of my life, and can be in theirs, as well.

What do you keep to yourself—think about—that you need to start talking about?

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  1. Oh, Tina! Yes I have those same thoughts too. I also have three young grand children and 4 older ones. You are absolutely right. We cannot hope that they catch what we live. I am going to try to be more verbal about things with them. There are so many "God moments" especially with the younger ones. I want them to see them too! Thank you!

  2. "An old habit needs to be broken and a new discipline needs to be established.

    When I read that line, I read, "An old habit needs to be broken and a new disciple needs to be established." I immediately realized something was wrong, and reread the sentence correctly. But I think the misread was even more powerful. Am I being a disciple of Christ if I have a bad old habit? Particularly one that I know that I have, and that I know I want to stop, but just don't seem to be able to break the barrier into doing it? Wow. I've been struggling with it for a long time, and that just slapped me in the face as to what I'm REALLY doing.

    I'm thanking the Holy Spirit for steering me into reading through the blog. Normally, I would have read the top, but not kept on reading because I feel like I'm being 'distracted' from completing a task, namely right now—reading and deleting or filing email that has piled up. I clicked on a link in one of your texts, but it was just to see where the link specifically took me (your site or a partnered site) and to get more information on a book. I shouldn't have even stopped to look at all of your pages, but I'm oh so glad that I did. God bless you and your ministries, Tina.