Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

I have a huge mirror that’s a family heirloom now. We’ve always referred to it as the “Smoking Mirror” and that has to do with the story behind it. My great-grandmother, who lived in the hills of Kentucky, made a deal with all her grandchildren. She promised to give $25 to any of them who could graduate from high school, look her in the eye and say that they had never smoked a cigarette. Out of all the grandchildren, my father was the only one who made it.

Now, my father was really into cars, as many teenagers are, and it would’ve been understandable that he would have spent the $25 on something spiffy for his car. But that wasn’t his choice. Instead, purchased something that would forever remind him of the accomplishment. So, this 18-year-old young man bought a wall mirror—something he could see his reflection in … something that would speak to generations to come.

So, my question is: How do we view our accomplishments? What you’re doing today … will it make a big splash, be a lot of fun, draw a lot of attention … but then be gone forever? Will your efforts only last for the moment and never really change anything? Are you spending your $25 on fuzzy dice? Or, can you look at your schedule today and with confidence say that when you accomplish those things that someone will be closer to Jesus?

I think about this all the time. I want everything I do to be something that impacts the generations to come. No one will remember my name and there won’t be college scholarships awarded because of me. But, I want my actions today to somehow make life different for my grandchildren. Each of my days is driven … passionately driven … by this desire. I find such joy in that, so much so that I don’t need a whole lot of entertainment in my life.

I want to invest in a mirror that will be passed down. I want to invest in a mirror that will reflect how desperately I love the Lord and desire that for each member of my family—the ones I know now and the ones to come. I want that for the people I meet and the ones I will meet.

Are you thinking and living in a fuzzy dice mode or are you investing in a mirror?

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  1. Tina this is a powerful story. Please post more!