Monday, November 25, 2013

God of the Details

Sooooo, you’re sitting with family and/or friends and you’re talking about what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving. There are a few things that are guaranteed to be included: family, friends, kids, home, job, health, and the sacrifice of our wonderful Savior. That’s where the conversation heads and usually stops. And, don’t get me wrong, that’s where I’d begin with my thankfulness list, also. I’m a detail person, though, and I tend to break things down to their smallest denominator.

God is the God of the big picture, but He’s also the God of the small details. When someone compliments me by saying, “You look nice today”, that’s nice. But, it feels pretty generic. Then someone says, “That is really your color. Love the new outfit.” Not only will I walk a little taller, but I’m buying a lot more of that color! Someone noticed the details. Someone got personal. God is at work … creating and moving and placing thoughts in our heads and breaking our hearts … He’s tending to the details of His creation. So, how do you think God would respond if we noticed the smaller picture—if we found ourselves being grateful for the details? I think it would touch His heart, and I think He’d say, “Thanks for noticing.”

I want to touch God’s heart. I want Him to know that I really do notice the little stuff. Here’s a smidgen of my Thanksgiving thankfulness list. (And you can just assume that my family, friends, home, job, and my Savior are already here.)

Today, I’m especially thankful for:

·      * hot tea in the morning.
·      * the color pink, because it makes Kendall so very happy.
·      * Conner making it through kids’ church without crying separation tears.
·      * for the child who asked her aunt to bring her back to church next week.
·      * phone calls that end with “Love ya, Mom.”
·      * bubbles.
·      * the mom who excitedly said, “I heard him reciting his scripture verse in his playroom.”
·      * shoes that make it possible for me to walk.
·      * a husband who helps me clean up after dinner.
·      * the big blue spruce outside my kitchen window, all decorated and ready for Christmas.
·      * anticipation and the “magic” it holds.
·      * the sound of little voices yelling “Silly Grandma!”, running feet, followed by hugs.

Thank you, Lord, for the incredible details that make up my life! Thank you for being the God of the little things.

Okay, it’s your turn. What detail are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

  1. I am thankful for:
    1. The rain that has been pouring outside my house all day that has caused me to stay inside and enjoy my heater.
    2. The fact that my hubby is off work all this week, so all six of us enjoyed the family day.
    3. The new book I started reading tonight.
    4. You.
    I could go on, but that's a good start.