Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shepherd's Headpiece

Headpiece Instructions

Shepherd's headpieces are always falling off! Duct tape doesn't work. Neither do staples, hot glue, or safety pins. The answer is very simple! All you need is one square yard of lightweight material (plain or patterned), an 8-10" piece of 1/2" elastic, and very minimal (and I mean very minimal) sewing skills.

Your piece of material doesn’t have to be exact. Anything 3-4' works well. Put a shirt-tail hem on all the edges of the piece of material to keep it from raveling. In the center of one side, center your piece of elastic. Loosely lay the elastic against the material. Double-stitch the ends to the material. You are done!

Now, for how to put it on. The kids can easily do this themselves. 1 … 2 … 3!
1.  Bend over.
2.  Place the edge of the material (the edge that has the elastic on it) against your forehead and pull the elastic over your head so that it goes across the back of the head. The material is hanging down in front of your face.
      3.  Now, stand up quickly, flipping the material that was hanging in front of your face over your head. It will come down your back. It should fall in place as the perfect headpiece (with maybe a little “fluffing” on the sides).

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