Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Baby's Brain

A Baby’s Brain
I love learning about our brains! It’s fascinating to me how God designed this blob of grey matter. Recently, I was presenting some training in Houston and got the notes from one of the other presenters. I was so interested in what I saw there that I connected with her later. Part of her presentation to preschool teachers was about brain development. Here’s what I learned.

A baby at birth weighs about 5% of the average adult weight. That’s comparing an 8-pound baby to a 160-pound adult. But, the weight of their brain is already 30% of their adult brain weight.

An adult uses about 20% of their total body energy for brain function. That means that 20% of their food intact goes to keeping the brain doing its thing. BUT … and here’s the absolutely amazing thing to me … a newborn baby’s brain uses almost ALL of its energy for brain function. Their little brains are working so hard to figure out the world around them and what their own bodies do that almost all the energy produced by their milk intake is consumed by their brains.

Now, how does that translate into children’s ministry? Well, for one thing, it should totally rock your world when it comes to how you view nursery ministry! The development of a child's worldview begins immediately, so we want the church nursery to be a place where every need is met—bottoms are dry, bellies are full, lots of cuddles given, God’s Word is spoken into them, and they are encouraged to explore. Take advantage of the way God has designed their brains and encourage these tiniest of children to use some of that brain energy to form a positive impression of the church—their family of faith. 

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