Friday, February 15, 2013

Contagious or Infectious

Contagious or Infectious

I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between these two words, but I sure know they give off different vibes. Contagious sounds like something is going around and you might pick up the bug if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Infectious means business! If it’s infectious, you better just watch out, because it’s going to up and attack you. It will track you down and blast you with whatever it’s got.

I know lots of contagious people who have enthusiasm and passion for what they are doing. When others are around them, they tend to step up their game a little and take on some of that enthusiasm.

Infectious, though, describes someone who is storming the gates. When this person is around, you don’t have a choice but to raise the bar on what you’re doing. Whether you like it or not … whether you even want to or not … their passion is going to attack you. I met an infectious guy this past weekend. His name is Kelly Presson and he’s the children’s pastor at Celebration Christian Center in Midland, Michigan. He has the energy of five people, but energy alone doesn’t mean that you’re good at what you do. A cat can chase it’s tail for hours and never go anywhere. Kelly has a picture of what reaching kids in Midland looks like and he’s a full-force attack on Satan on behalf of those kids. Everything he does is part of painting that picture so that everyone around him sees what he sees. Kelly’s passion is an infection ready to pounce on anyone who comes within 50 paces.

Even though “infection” makes you want to scrunch up your face and run for some antibiotics, infectious people can be very inspiring. I bet you know lots of great contagious people, but how many infectious people do you know?

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