Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peeps - Idea

Jesus Died for His Peeps

Here's an idea that Jordan Davis shared with me and I love it. It's simple.
It's fun. And, it's a way to send the message home.

You'll need:
2 thin dowel rods
lots of marshmallow Peeps
small tags

Make a cross with 2 thin dowel rods and secure them by criss-crossing wire
around the intersection. Fill a decorative container with gravel. Thread
different colors of marshmallow Peeps chicks onto the dowel rods until they
are covered (except for about 10" at the base of the cross). Push the cross
down into the container of gravel so it will stand.

Talk about the "Peeps" play on words--that we love our marshmallow Peeps at
Easter, but "peeps" is also another word for friends or followers. Who are
Jesus' peeps? Those who will follow Him ... ANY who will follow Him!

Give each child a Peep to take home. Use a piece of yarn to tie a tag around
the neck of each marshmallow chick that reads, "Jesus died for all His

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