Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Flattened B-17

My son had worked hard to put together a model airplane, a B-17 that had been used during World War II. He was so delighted with the masterpiece he had created and proudly displayed it on the desk in his room.  One day I was questioning the meaning and spelling of a word (before spell-check on computers), so I went to Jarad's room to borrow his dictionary, his BIG dictionary. As I pulled the big book from the bookshelf over his desk, I lost my grip and the book fell out of my control onto the desk top. It fell directly on top of the B-17 and flattened it beyond recognition. Was Jarad upset? You bet he was! And why was he upset? He had put his time, intense energy, his skills, and his understanding of the aircraft into making it a beautiful model. There would never be another one just like the one he had created. He had invested part of himself to make it just what he wanted.

This experience helps me understand and helps me explain to children the feelings God must have for us ... His masterpiece creations. We are not mass produced; He used His time, energy, creativity, and understanding of what people need to make each one of us unique. Each person holds a special place in God's heart. His heart must break anytime He sees us do something that damages His creation. 

Jarad's patience and skills were tapped out. There was no way he could repair the B-17. Thankfully, that's where the parallels between this story and our God stop. God is not only the Great Creator, He is the Great Re-Creator. When we've messed up our lives, maybe even beyond recognition of what God originally intended, He can take the pieces that lay smashed before Him and make something brand new. 

Be thankful that you are a child of the Great Re-Creator.

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