Saturday, October 16, 2010

You're a Sow-and-Sow

I want to challenge you to be a "sow-and-sow" leader of children.  In ministry, the entire objective of leading children is to get each one planted, rooted, and growing in Christ ... providing them with the good soil they need to do that.  In everything you do, keep sowing seeds. When you lean over a shoulder to offer encouragement as a child struggles to look up a Bible verse, you're sowing seeds in good soil. When you tenderly hold and admire a trophy that a student received, you're sowing seeds in good soil. When you take the time to investigate why bad behavior is happening, you're sowing seeds in good soil. When you wrap your arms around a child and let him hear you pray for him by name, you're sowing seeds in good soil.

As a leader of kids, you till the ground, you water the seeds, you fertilize, and you pull away the weeds every chance you get. Just as there is excitement when you notice the first shoot of a tiny plant pushing its way through the soil in your backyard garden, celebrate the indications of growth in your students. Be diligent in delighting in the spirits that are blooming under your care.

I thank my Heavenly Father that you are a "sow-and-sow"!

Next week (Oct. 23-24) I'll be at Highland Springs, Florida, leading workshops at the Florida Conference of SDA.
Then, Nov. 13 I'll be in Walla Walla, Washington presenting a full day of CM workshops. I'd love to see some of my West Coast friends there. (Cost is only $30! Whoa baby!)

I'd love for you to drop by

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