Thursday, October 7, 2010

Praise at the Top of Your Lungs

When our son, Jarad, was just 5 years old, we were driving in the country and he was in the back seat.  The sun was going down and Jarad pointed out how beautiful the sky was, identifying all the colors he noticed in the mysterious swirls.  All of a sudden he grabbed the handle that takes the window down and started cranking as fast as he could. (This is really dating me, but it was pre- car seat days and crank window controls were still standard.)  He leaned his head toward the window and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Way to go, God!"  We had almost missed it, or was it that we just didn't take the time to think about what an incredible feat the night sky was?  The adults in the car were going to miss the opportunity to praise God for His majestic creative work, but not the little boy who was overcome by the glory of it all ... so much so that he had to try to yell loud enough that all heaven would hear his praises.

My warning today is to be careful not to limit your kids' praises ... or yours.  God inhabits our loud praises, our soft praises, our praises of awe, and those of gratitude, whether they are sung in the car along with your favorite CD, or whispered as you thank Him for the family you see together in the park, or expressed by holding your hand over your heart when the scriptures stir your spirit.  He even inhabits those praises that are yelled at the top of your lungs out a car window!  Take an opportunity today to say, "Way to go, God!"

I'm heading to Atlanta to spend the rest of October with my son and his family. I expect to see many picturesque autumn sights along the way.  If you're on my route to Georgia, listen for "Way to go, God!"


  1. I love it! Kids' praise is so uninhibited! Worshipping with kids is one of my favorite things!

  2. Reading this is so good for me because I'm always on a mission...often missing the beauty of the moment. Thanks so much for this reminder -- I'm terrible at stopping to PRAISE God.

    Amy Fenton Lee

  3. I'm in Alabama--only two hours from Atlanta. I think I heard you! LOL Hope you hear me.