Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Be Part of this Fence


Networking is a hot issue right now, but is it worth it?  Choose one of the links in the picture ... that's YOU.  You can choose to stand alone and focus on that one link, or you can choose to be part of the bigger picture.  The entire picture sure looks a lot more interesting to me.  Notice, I didn't choose a picture of a regular chain, because it heads in a straight line, going only one of two directions.  Networking is not a chain; it's a chain link fence, where each link is connected in every direction.  (The picture even looks like people standing with their arms locked at the elbows. Maybe I'm just staring at it too long!)

Who do you relate most clearly with? It's people who share something in common with you.  Who do you gain encouragement from? It's people who value what you are doing.  That's exactly what networking does.  It gives you an environment where you can "talk shop" with people who share your heart for ministering to kids.  When you network, you have the opportunity to ...
* inquire about resources
* ask for advice
* pour your experience into someone else
* encourage and be encouraged
* make some new friends
* gain affirmation

Man, am I excited to share some news with you! I want every single one of you to start networking right now, and here's your first step.  Just this week, an incredible, never-been-done-before network launched online.  One of the main things it will do is enable you to find people in your area who are involved in children's ministry.  Right now, the base is being built, so it's critical that everyone get in RIGHT NOW.  This thing is going to explode and it's going to be one of the best resources we've got in kids' ministry!  Here's what you do.

- From this blog, go to
- Scroll down until you see the map of the US. Click on your state.
- Another US map will appear.  Choose a little square (pixel) in your state.  Any square is fine.
- Then, follow the directions for entering your information.  
- Make sure you upload a photo or choose one of the icons they provide.
- If you're not part of the cmconnect network they mention, go there and become a part of that, also @

I'll be watching to see if you're really signing up ... I have my ways!  See you on the network.  

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